M/R Stations
  Gas meters


Double Line Gas Reducing & Metering Stations Application: Industrial Clients
Flow Rate: 320 up to 20000 Nm3/h
Upstream Pressure Range: 1 up to 19 bar
Downstream Pressure Range: 1 up to 6 bar

Technical Features:
2x100% Regulation Lines each one including:
• Manually Actuated Cut off Valves
• Cartridge Filter for removal of solid particles
• Pilot Operated Pressure Regulators
• Slam Shut valves
• Safety Relief Valves

1x100% Metering Line including:
• Manually Actuated Cut-off Valves
• Gas Meter type turbine or rotary
• Volume Corrector

Other Components:
• Pressure, Temperature & Diff. Pressure Indicators
• Insulating Joints
• Skid Frame
• Metallic Cabinet